Your startup needs a status page!

During downtimes, you drown in endless questions & emails. Now, your customers can check your status page, while you can focus to get things back on track!

What is your company's name?

You can use your own domain when you upgrade.

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Regain focus

Now you can focus on resolving issues instead of replying to emails.

Up & running in seconds

Create your status page in less than a minute.

Communicate incidents fast

Just switch-on edit mode, and add your incident.

Regain trust

Downtimes cause frustration.
A status page builds trust.

Show your uptime

Showing the full picture of uptime helps you regain trust.

Avoid frustration

Communicate your status and keep customers in the loop.

Automate your Status



Update your status instantly using Pingdom uptime monitoring.


New Relic

Automate your status using New Relic Synthetics.


Use your custom monitoring service by sending a simple notification to an email.

And More!

We're always adding new integrations.. Feel free to request one!

Simple Pricing


$ 0 / month

  • 1 team member
  • 50 subscribers
  • Use subdomain
  • Notify by email


$ 10 / month

Billed yearly

  • 2 team members
  • 250 subscribers
  • Use your domain
  • Notify by email
  • Notify by SMS


$ 30 / month

Billed yearly

  • 10 team members
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Use your domain
  • Notify by email
  • Notify by SMS


$ 200 / month

Billed yearly

  • 30 team members
  • 5,000 subscribers
  • Use your domain
  • Notify by email
  • Notify by SMS

It's easy to get started!

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